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I want you all to know that my heart is full with gratitude and joy at the realization of what we’ve accomplished with Bling! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement as we’ve grown this new imprint for LPC. And about that stellar Editor of the Year award I received this year from ACFW … I’ll carry that excitement with me into the next season of my life!

Since no one can really say it any better than Eddie Jones, CEO of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, I thought I’d just share yesterday’s announcement directly with you.


From Eddie Jones, CEO of LPC:

LPC would like to extend its thanks to Sandie Bricker, founder of Bling! Romance. Last spring, Sandie expressed a desire to step back from Bling, but only after she found the right person to take over. Today, we are pleased to announce that Sandie’s assistant Marisa Deshaies is now the new Managing Editor of Bling! Romance.

Marisa came to us as an intern and has worked with Sandie on Bling titles for several months.  Marisa’s passion for the imprint became evident early on. With her excellent organizational skills, we believe Marisa will make an outstanding managing editor.

Sandie will remain with LPC until Marisa’s training is complete.

Thank you, Sandie, for stepping out on faith and giving new and established romance authors a chance to tell the stories God placed on their hearts.


And on a personal note from me: Welcome, Marisa! You are just the person I prayed God would send. I’m ready to hand over the keys now. I leave Bling in awesome new hands!

Marisa 2(1)Marisa Deshaies can be summed up in one simple phrase: her life is a way with words. After earning a BA and MA in professional writing, she tailored her professional aspirations to fiction editing and book reviewing. Her favorite genres to read, review, and edit are contemporary and historical inspirational fiction, romance, and literature; however, she is always searching for new authors and genres because the power of a story can never be reserved for just one category. In addition to serving as a publishing assistant to the managing editor of Bling!, she is an editor for WhiteFire Publishing and Castle Gate Press. Marisa is a member of ACFW, for which she serves as a cluster leader and a judge for the First Impressions and Carol Award contests.

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  1. Marisa, you following God’s plan and purpose for your life and so young, well done dear one!!!!

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