BLING! is the edgy new contemporary romance imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC). BLING! launched in the Fall 2015.BLING! releases two new contemporary novels each quarter.

At BLING! the first thing readers will notice is a solid, entertaining story. Think parables. The primary objective is to entertain and engage the contemporary reader. The stories are simultaneously character- and plot-driven, written by seasoned and debut novelists with unique voices.

BLING! heroines and heroes are contemporary in every sense of the word. They may have a past filled with worldly challenges and long-lasting impact, or they may be in the midst of their transformation – but one thing is certain: The reader will want to take the journey with them. And that journey will revolve around a solid, believable romance.

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Meet the Bling! team.

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Meet the Bling! team of authors and their upcoming books.

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BLING! 2016: Introducing the authors who give romance readers something extra

Fiction is all about imagining our lives as we wish they could be. As children, we are taught to dream big, with the world and all its delights at our fingertips for the taking. While responsibilities and practicality come with adulthood, through stories we can experience thrilling adventures, swoon-worthy romance, and just about anything else that suits our fancy. Through fiction, we are limitless. At BLING!, we publish edgy contemporary romance with a little something extra. Whether you favor romantic suspense driven by a thrilling plot or contemporary romance featuring a dreamy hero and daring heroine, one of our books is bound to make your heart pound in anticipation of the adventures our authors will take you on in BLING! novels. Our 2016 releases cover a range of stories that will take you out of your favorite chair or away from your desk and into worlds about which you only ever dreamed. Did you imagine yourself gracing a stage as a dancer or singer? Candee Fick’s Dance Over Me will whisk you to New York City as a Broadway cast member. Did you swoon at the sight of Clint Eastwood’s son playing a cowboy in the 2015 release of The Longest Ride? Be sure to pick up Claiming the Maverick’s Heart by Debra Holt or Second Chance Love by Pamela S. Meyers for two different stories set against the backdrop of ranching and rodeo. If thrillers are more your preference, you won’t want to miss Ashley Ludwig’s First Crush. This debut author’s suspense novel will deliver chills as the heroine fights for her life and love in California wine... read more

Featuring DEBRA HOLT

Debra Holt, author of Mercy’s Rescue, is a Texas girl through and through. If you check out her personal and professional Facebook pages on any given day, in fact, you’re almost sure to spot a beautiful image boasting about her home state. More often than not, there will be bluebonnets somewhere in the picture too, which is why we asked the cover designer of Mercy’s Rescue to work them into the cover somehow. Debbie’s Texas roots make her a natural to write about those cowboys adored by fans of romance! Mercy’s Rescue is no exception either. Josh Wellman is the romantic hero we love to swoon over. He’s tall and chisled, sure; but he’s also humble, strong, and kind. He’s just the type of guy women like us (and Mercy Smith) need to ground us and push us to be the best women we can be. Mercy’s pretty spectacular on her own, too. Professionally, she leads a medical evac team in the town where Josh is the sheriff. Her faith has taken some hits in recent years though, and Josh’s influence is sorely needed in her more vulnerable personal life. Their romance unfolds believably with elements of fun as well as a few heart-wrenching twists. For a sneak peek of the video trailer, click the icon below.   Mercy’s Rescue is available for pre-order right now in ebook and print form, and the official launch date arrives in just a few days. FOR A LIMITED TIME, YOU CAN “GRAB” A COPY OF MERCY’S RESCUE at BookGrabbr. And to connect with author Debra Holt, you can visit her website, LIKE... read more

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