BLING! is the edgy new contemporary romance imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC). BLING! launched in the Fall 2015.BLING! releases two new contemporary novels each quarter.

At BLING! the first thing readers will notice is a solid, entertaining story. Think parables. The primary objective is to entertain and engage the contemporary reader. The stories are simultaneously character- and plot-driven, written by seasoned and debut novelists with unique voices.

BLING! heroines and heroes are contemporary in every sense of the word. They may have a past filled with worldly challenges and long-lasting impact, or they may be in the midst of their transformation – but one thing is certain: The reader will want to take the journey with them. And that journey will revolve around a solid, believable romance.

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Meet the Bling! team.

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Meet the Bling! team of authors and their upcoming books.

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Bling! Romance Welcomes Jessica Nelson as its New Managing Editor

I want you all to know that my heart is full with gratitude and joy at the realization of what we’ve accomplished with Bling! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement as we’ve grown this new imprint for LPC. And about that stellar Editor of the Year award I received a couple of years ago from ACFW … I’ll carry that excitement with me into the next season of my life! It is with heartfelt sadness that I announce my retirement from Bling! During this past year we’ve launched several new Bling! titles, welcomed a number of new authors to LPC Books, and seen the Bling! brand grow. Now it’s time to step back and let another carry the Bling! 🙂 With that in mind, here is the informal announcement of our new Bling! managing... read more

From the other side: reflections on internships

I had a checklist I needed to complete in order to graduate from college: Fulfill the requisite number of courses in the English major to prove competency in American and British literature. Pass, with a high enough grade to prove I can do more than count to ten, basic math. Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. And most important of all (at least in the eyes of a future employer), complete an internship. Internship. The word can strike fear and bring excitement, depending on which side of the aisle a student stands on. With most employers requiring college students to have some kind of experience upon graduation, the competitiveness of these positions has risen in recent years. On the other hand, for those students without a clear-cut idea of what they want do when they graduate, choosing an internship can be a daunting task. I knew by my junior year of college that I wanted to make a career for myself in the publishing industry. With my focus on and interest in editing, I chose to intern at Oak Knoll Press—the only antiquarian publishing house in the United States … and it just so happens to reside in my home state of Delaware. While I value my time at Oak Knoll Press, the lessons I learned while interning there have little to do with the publishing industry. As an undergraduate intern, I focused on the small picture: earning a satisfactory grade; keeping my supervisor happy; pleasing my coworkers. I learned the everyday nuances of office life, but I failed to think ahead at how my time at Oak Knoll... read more

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